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This book is the outcome of many years’ experience in practice as a London Party Wall Surveyor, both under Part VI of the London Building Acts (Amendment) Act 1939, and the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

It is a text book for Party Wall Surveyors practising within the current 1996 Act, and deals with the roles of both the Appointed Surveyors and that of the Third Surveyor.

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Most construction practitioners take the existing legal structure of the Party Wall Act 1996 for granted without giving much thought to how we arrived at this point.

This book traces the history of the Act from its beginning in the 12th century up to the present day, illustrating its development to its present form.

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This is a modern translation of the Assize of Building from the Liber de Antiquis Legibus, a thirteenth century manuscript, which was the first written attempt at drafting building regulations for the City of London, and dates from 1274.

The text provides a vivid insight into the lives of medieval Londoners, and particularly highlights the concerns of property owners and occupiers.

The translation is the outcome of a collaboration between Mary Ruskin, a classical scholar interested in medieval history, and Ken Whittick, a building surveyor interested in building control in medieval London.

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Having been engaged in the construction industry all my working life, much of that time in the Londdon and Home Counties area, I became intrigued by the growth of the planning and building regulations systems by which our activities were controlled.

The system was changing throughout the fifty years of my involvement and it was obvious that this had been a continuous process for many years.  The Acts and Regulations which were in place when I started, immediately after the Second World War, were being continuously modified and changed.

In this book I have endeavoured to trace the history of these controls from their beginning in the City of London in the twelfth century up to the seventeenth century, when Parliament first became involved following the Great Fire of London.

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The documentary evidence is sparse for both the Roman and Saxon periods, but there is in my opinion, sufficient to be able to piece together a picture of local government in London in this period.

This book is an attempt to trace the development of local government in London, from the founding of the original City by the Romans in the first century A.D., through the Saxon period, up to the trauma of the Norman invasion and conquest in the eleventh century.

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This is a fantasy story of happenings after hours in the Assyrian Gallery when some of the exhibits come to life and react with the staff. It is written by Michael Hayes who has knowledge of such things.

One young reader has written:

"I like this book a lot. I’ve never read a book about different times and travelling through space and things but I enjoy watching Dr Who and I think any one who does will like this book too. ... I’ve never seen a book set in the British Museum where sculptures come to life and then a hypnotist gets involved, so I think that’s very clever and not just the same old story line as usual. ... the pictures used in this book are drawn very well and add something new to the story because usually books which are aimed at slightly older students, older than ten, don’t have pictures. ... this book has the right amount of action and descriptive language which makes it accessible to everyone. Overall, I think the book - like The Wolf On The Fold, is excellent and I’m not just saying that because I have to, I’m saying it because it’s one of the best books I’ve read in a while which has entertained me and kept me interested the whole way through. Well done!"


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This is the second in a series of stories written by Michael Hayes about life in the Museum. Michael has worked for many years in the Museum as a Gallery Warder and has had the opportunity to observe the wide variety of visitors and to note their varied behaviour.  In this story a young girl is transported back to the time of Ramesses II, with the help of a little magic.

The illustrations are by Paul Chatenay, also a Gallery Warder as well as a gifted artist, who is soon to have a retrospective of his work

ISBN:- 978-0-95622580-5-2

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