Londoniarum specialises mainly in books relating to construction history in London from the beginning of the development of local government in the 12th century, and associated subjects. This covers translations of original medieval documents which are important to the development of local government in the city and its immediate suburbs.

In addition Londoniarum publishes books which are of general historical interest, such as the series of children’s books by Michael Hayes which are centred on the British Museum and which are intended to arouse interest in the Museum and history in general.

You can read more about Londoniarum and its founder on the About page.  The books we currently have available are listed on the Products page, while contact details for ordering purposes can be found on the Order page.

And in case you were wondering - the flower which forms part of the Londoniarum logo is "London Pride" (Saxifraga x urbium).  It grows well in neglected or unfavourable urban spaces where few other flowers flourish and was invariably the first plant to colonise the bomb-sites left by the London Blitz of 1940/41.  Thus London Pride came to represent the resilient spirit of the Londoners of that time.

As Noel Coward wrote in 1941:
  "London Pride has been handed down to us.
   London Pride is a flower that's free.
   London Pride means our own dear town to us,
   And our pride it for ever will be."